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Hiring the right people in a timely and efficient manner is crucial to a company’s success.

Partner with us and benefit from our experience, cost-effective fees, and knowledge of technology recruitment and functionality staffing.

We're experts in delivering highly qualified and skilled candidates, helping your business soar above the competition.

Lance Winn partners with our clients from the very beginning to execute the search process with a hands on, personalized methodology. We help build teams for big platform, mid cap, and startups. Our Services

We discover and recruit the top talent, so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Built on 35 years of staffing expertise, our grass roots delivery of top talent is driven by our successful methodology of sourcing, identifying, qualifying, and presenting of candidates. About Us

Lance Winn has over 35 years experience in growing executive, management, and technical teams.

Lance has partnered with big platform, mid cap, and startup companies on a global basis.

He has been part of the Austin technology growth for over 30 years. Lance is tenacious, energized, creative, strategic, and has been successful for over 3 decades in championing the search/recruitment processes. Read Lance’s Bio

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